Sunday's At Abundant Grace!

We gather every Sunday at 10:30am at PSF Community Center, 640 Washington Street, Brighton




Visiting a church for the first time can be scary - but it doesn't have to be!

We want you to feel really welcome when you visit us - everyone is welcome here at Abundant Grace.

When we gather together on a Sunday, there is an atmosphere of love, joy and grace in all we do.  We usually spend time singing about God's love and power and then have a time where individual church members can share and encourage us.  After that we have a children's ministry for ages 0 to 8 years old.  After the children are dismissed we have a powerful  relevant teaching from the Bible.  After the meeting there is an opportunity to ask questions or receive prayer for any kind of need that you may have.

Our Sundays aren't just religious meetings - we get to encounter the God that made us.  He is present with us as we worship him, share with each other and hear his word preached.  Meeting with him and each other is one of the highlights of the week.  Lots of people have been deeply touched by the Father's love and even healed of their sicknesses at a meeting.  Come with an expectant heart and mind.



What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable! We don't place a lot of value on appearances. On a Sunday, most people will be wearing jeans and t-shirts or “business casual” clothes. Only a couple of people wear coats and ties. You can feel free to wear whatever you'd like.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

Absolutely not.  We welcome people who are seeking out truth and are humble enough to say that they don't have it all figured out. If you want to know more about who we believe God to be, you can read more here.

Directions to Abundant Grace

We meet at 10:30am in the Presentation School Foundation Community Center at 640 Washington Street in Brighton, right across the traffic circle from the Oak Square YMCA.  The 64 bus stops opposite the YMCA on Faneuil Street (Oak Square stop), and the 57 bus stops right outside the community center at the Tremont Street stop.  You can find the bus schedules at

What is Newfrontiers?

We’re part a worldwide family of churches called Newfrontiers. We feel God has connected our hearts together in mission, relationship, and shared values. Through our relationship with Newfrontiers, we benefit from gifted leaders from outside our church. Together we are caring for our world by reaching the nations with the message of grace. You can learn more about Newfrontiers at their website  Was your question left unanswered? Feel free to shoot us an email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get back to you as soon as we are able.